Road Construction Parts

Road Construction Parts

Road Construction Parts


As you know, the Rahsaz Ma’dan company works in the field of crusher equipment and supplies. The most common use of these tools is for mining. Since mines are a good source of income right now, so time must be spent for them
The company has always strived to achieve high quality and production and has been successful in delivering crusher parts.
Rah Sanat Co. is one of the subsidiaries of Rahsaz Ma’dan and active in the production and supply of spare parts for crushing machines.

Types of Road Construction Machinery Subs


Bulldozer Bucket: with this Bucket you can break through the soil


Bulldozer blade: This blade is used in light construction work


Excavator blade: This blade is used to flatten surfaces


Grader blade: This blade can cut soil and shape the sandy road. It also has the ability to level the soil surface


Bucket Tooth: Bucket Tooth are a small part of the bucket that attach to the front edge. Its job to penetrate the soil and move large volumes of soil


Chains: Chains allow the device to move in any situation and can continue on its path


Front Wheel: This wheel is used in a variety of road construction machinery such as loader and bulldozer


Sprocket Gear: Sprockets are used to work in harsh conditions. It is used in a variety of road construction and agricultural machinery


Real Steel: Used to dig hard ground


End Bit: This blade is used in lightweight construction work

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Road Construction Parts

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